What we are about

We are a group of individuals actively engaged in the social rehabilitation of the WOMAN & GIRL child in Nigeria.


How We Help

Whether an emergency is caused by natural or man-made disasters, climate change, drought, famine or war, our dedicated on-the-ground teams work to prevent loss of life and reduce suffering as much as possible for affected children, as well as their families and communities in Nigeria.

Our life- saving humanitarian action revolves around three Rs: response, recovery and resilience. In emergency situations, we help meet the following needs:

  • Physical needs by providing food, water and healthcare
  • Psychosocial needs with child-focused programming and creating child-friendly spaces
  • Visiting Orphanage homes
  • Economic needs by rebuilding street markets or offering training in new livelihood skills and supporting/strengthening current livelihoods
  • Protection of human rights for children and other vulnerable groups
  • In all of our emergency responses, we collaborate with interested organizations and other international and local aid agencies as well as with local government and our able WOMEN. This helps to avoid duplication, maximise efficiencies and ensure that all areas of need are properly met and there are no gaps in the overall humanitarian response – every child matters.

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    We truly care about the lives of the poor in Nigeria


    Sponsor a child

    Sponsor a child and change their lives for good.Child sponsorship is a unique relationship, that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. Sponsorship gives children and their communities life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education. And it lasts. Sponsor a child and save a childhood today.

    Pray for Nigeria

    "If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." (Matthew 21:22). Women from every part of Nigeria come together to stand in the gap in prayers for the violated girl child and the country as a whole. You can be a part of this turning point. Chat with us today to get more insight.

    Child Safety

    Every year, thousands of children are hit by insurgencies. Conflicts, war and natural disasters leave countless children, their families and communities facing hunger, insecurity and violence.