What we are about

We are a group of individuals actively engaged in the social rehabilitation of the WOMAN & GIRL child in Nigeria.


About Women of Glory

Women of Glory Foundations (WOG) is a gathering of women of good virtue, who bring honor to God and their families, by living exemplary life, exhibiting strong and Godly character and impacting the society positively. WOG is a non-profit, nondenominational faith-based charitable organization or fellowship of women from different walks of life. As Women of Glory, we are a chosen generation focused on building up the total woman in her body, mind and spirit, guided by the word of God.

We are devoted to supporting fellow women in distress (victims of domestic abuse, violence, and early child marriage etc), giving them a sense of belonging, catering to the needs and improving the quality of less privileged women and children in the society, by supporting them through provision of free Medicals, Education and Vocational Skill Training.

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We truly care about the lives of the poor in Nigeria



Our vision in WOG is to achieve God’s purpose through Rebuilding Broken Walls and Broken lives.


To empower women and the vulnerable in the society and through carefully planned programmes and activities, give hope to those in despair to lead normal lives and realize their potentialities.


Empowerment: as WOG, we shall support the vulnerable by providing quick fix solutions to individual situations within our resources, emotional support, empowering the concerned to live a better life, provide financial assistance when possible and engage them to be productive in the society.

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